Sitemap - 2023 - Hybrid Shoot

Christmas Gift: The Lost Classic Between Jay Youngblood/Ricky Steamboat and Sergeant Slaughter/Don Kernodle

Clown Show: Mumble Mouthed Colby Covington Secures Legacy as UFC's Biggest Loser

Say Goodbye to Osamu Kido With A Look At One of His Masterworks

The Match that Launched 1000 Matches in Texas

Stunning: The Steve Austin Viewer Guide

Match of the Day: Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody vs. The Funks (12/13/1982, All Japan Pro Wrestling)

Thanksgiving Turkey: Hulk Hogan

Match of the Day: Terry Funk vs. Bruiser Brody (AJPW, 12/7/1982)

The Wrestling Playlist Now on Substack

AEW Remains Devoted to the Way of the Blade

I Smell It: The Rock Cooks Up an Interesting MMA Anecdote

Who Is The Greatest Living Professional Wrestler?

Opening Gambit: Terry Funk Starts a Wrestling Match So He Knows How to End It

Keith Giffen Always Delivered a Knockout

The Demographic

Saturdays Are For Hate

Pancrase: Ken Shamrock and Masakatsu Funaki Launch a Wrestling Revolution 30 Years Ago Today

Lost on the Lists: The Other Best Professional Wrestling Tag Teams of All-Time

Screw the Haters: Brock Lesnar, More Beast Than Man, Was a UFC God

Doomed From the Start: Some Thoughts on The End of CM Punk in AEW

Shooter CM Punk Tries to Rehabilitate His Tough Guy Rep

Sympathy for the Devil: How the Snowdens Became Team MJF

A Conversation with AEW's Eddie Kingston about the Great Terry Funk

Greatness: Terence Crawford Writes His Name Into Boxing History

Strippers, PEDs and a Guillotine for the Ages: The Night Ken Shamrock Won the UFC SuperFight Championship

Some Thoughts on AEW Fight Forever, Fleishman is in Trouble, Al Getz and Other Things I Loved in June

MMA Media Ethics: Are Reporters on The Take?

Jim Brown Was the Perfect Man for the Moment as UFC Forged the Sport of the Future

Good For the Fighter, Bad For the Fan

Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley 4: Get Ready For an Instant Classic at AEW Dynamite

The Joy of Discovery: An Ode to the List

A Word About Dean Rasmussen, The Pied Piper of Weird Wrestling

The Night Bruno Fell

Upset of the Decade: The Night Hasim Rahman Lit $100 Million on Fire in South Africa

Hey, Can Everybody Shut the Fuck Up About CM Punk Already?

The Power of Art: Life and Death on HBO

The Bottom Line: Why I Decided To Write About Steve Austin

Eschewing the Social Contract: The Beautiful, Awful Joy of Israel Adesanya

The Night the Hype Died: The Fall of Prince Naseem Hamed

Fight Forever: The Ballad of Kevin and Sami

The Inside Story on How Writing a Ringer Feature about WWE Almost Gave Me a Panic Attack

For the Boxing Casuals: David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant is The Real Thing

Cheat 2 Win: Is The Late, Great Eddie Guerrero MMA's Most Powerful Pro Wrestling Influencer?

The Absolutely Insane AEW Discourse Surrounding El Hijo Del Vikingo's Debut Against Kenny Omega

Ghosts of My Past: Confessions of an MMA Asshole

Baaaaaaah: Is Jon Jones MMA's G.O.A.T?

A Few Words About "Kid" Nate Wilcox, MMA Blogging God

Backstage with Dem Boys and the Loss of an Underground Wrestling Legend

Kenny Omega Reminds the Jabronis and Haters That He's Still The World's Best