I’ve been watching a lot of the earlier UFC events and there’s a magic that has since been sucked out over the years. We’ll never see anything like that again. Bare knuckle is the closest facsimile IMHO. I hate that I love when BKFC has an interesting matchup.

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I've been re-watching the old UFCs with my 11 year old lad, we've got up to UFC 30. He absolutely loves them. I wanted him to appreciate how the sport has evolved. I had forgotten just how fuckin crazy some of the early shit was 😂

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Good text and true.

Love rewatching those old early events.

It was a time of actual magic, if magic means violence and weirdness...and to me it does.

Sudden rule changes that were explained as tactics (those open hand strikes) by commentators, "if you're coming on, COME ON" and that one event when Big Dan asks Dan Severn if he has any last questions and he tells him a train riddle.

it was the best.

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Thank you for writing this. Brown’s run with UFC is really overlooked and mostly forgotten I feel because UFC tends to forget anything that happened during the SEG era. Those early UFC events are really a lot of and completely wild. Jim Brown was a great person to legitimize that wild era of UFC.

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